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Write your cover letter in the active voice. Keep it brief; e.g. three or four paragraphs on one page. Check your grammar and spelling, and then check it again. Start by expressing your interest in the job and stating the job you are applying for. Employers like to know where you heard about it, so mention it.

Your cover letter is not the place to ask what the company can do for you, but to state what you can do for the company. The middle paragraphs are the most important, and your chance to stand out from other candidates. Include some knowledge about the company, to show that you've done your homework. Summarize and highlight your skills, qualifications and major accomplishments related to the job, but don't simply reiterate your resume. Supplement it and say what it can't. Most importantly, explain why your qualifications and the job requirements are a good match. You don't have to say that verbatim, but say it some way, like emphasizing your qualifications that match well. Use action verbs such as implemented and developed.

Wrap it up by stating when you'll be available for work, and the best time and place the recipient can reach you. Mention that your resume is enclosed or attached, and offer to provide more information, work samples and/or references. Indicate that you'd like an interview in person or by phone. Thank the recipient for his or her time and consideration. Say that you look forward to hearing from the recipient.


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