Supplemental Instruction


Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning method based on study sessions for a group of students who want to improve their comprehension of course material and get better grades.

SI study sessions are based on students' needs and demand and instructor availability. SI sessions do not give you college credit, but they give you the opportunity to get together with classmates to compare notes, discuss important and difficult concepts, develop learning and studying strategies and all these activities can significantly enhance your learning and academic success.

SI participation is voluntary and you do not have the stress of tests and projects. The leaders of the SI sessions are either outstanding students who took the same course, previously earning an A or a strong B grade, or a member of CWC faculty.
Being part of SI is an enriching experience. You develop friendships with students and staff and create a more real and active connection to CWC.

TRIO-Student Support Services (SSS) organizes SI sessions for TRIO participants who express their need and desire to be part of such a learning experience.

For more information, contact:
the TRIO-SSS Education Coordinator 855-2169 or 800-735-8418 x 2169.

or the TRIO-SSS Director 855-2227 or 800-735-8418 x 2227.

The Student Success Center is located in Main Hall 123.


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