Rural Justice Training Center


CWC's Rural Justice Training Center (RJTC), is committed to helping rural law enforcement agencies meet the challenges that face law enforcement today. One, simple statement — Serving the Needs of Rural Law Enforcement — comprehensively describes the important function that the RJTC serves in strengthening the law enforcement profession in Wyoming's small towns and communities.


By utilizing innovative strategies and a staff of experienced professionals, the Center provides educational and training opportunities, technical assistance, and technical integration services customized to meet the needs of rural law enforcement agencies across the state.


In 2009, Central Wyoming College completed the construction of the on-campus RJTC facility. This facility includes a state-of-the-art virtual firearms training system. The system  includes a shoot back system as well as a split screen recording camera. This split screen camera allows law enforcement trainers and students to review not only their actions, but the scenario to which they are reacting to.


The RJTC contains a fully connected and equipped classroom. The RJTC also contains a hand-to-hand, defensive tactics area for training in custody and control.


For more information, contact Rural Health and Public Safety Interim Director Jeff Hosking at 307.855.2135



Kathleen Tilton
Rural Justice Training Center
(307) 855-2038
(800) 735 8418 ext. 2038


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