Committee Organization


Improving the quality of education in career-technical programs is directly related to the degree of involvement, participation, and commitment by advisory committees.  Furthermore, a coordinated approach to annual priorities will ensure that college resources are maximized.


Each fall, CWC hosts an Advisory Committee “Kick-Off” Event.  All advisory committees and their membership meet with college administrators and program faculty.  Annual priorities are established.  Program committees then have an opportunity to develop goals and strategies for the upcoming year. 

The goals and strategies are posted on each advisory committee website.  Advisory committees meet throughout the year as needed.  Each spring, the advisory committees and college employees come together again to share successes and discuss emerging trends.

It is very important that advisory committee members:

  • Suggest and develop agenda items for meetings;
  • Attend and participate in all meetings;
  • Help determine committee goals and strategies to achieve them;
  • Become familiar with the educational system and how career-technical programs fit into the overall structure;
  • Respect the rights and opinions of others;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest;
  • Accept committee responsibilities.

Generally, advisory committee members serve for a period of three years with reappointment an option.  When possible, it is ideal to replace less than one-third of committee members every year.
Advisory Committees
NursingHuman ServicesAutomotive
WeldingBusiness/BroadcastingFire Science
EntrepreneurshipCriminal Justice/Rural Justice Training/
 Mobile Training Lab
Ag Business
  Environment, Health and Safety 
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